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We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Halton Black Voices

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We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Halton Black Voices

A strong community is built upon differences. What would the world be like if we all embrace our differences and were kind, helpful, and compassionate towards each other? This question is the basis behind our 2022 theme – Unity: We’re not the same, but we’re equal!

To move forward to a community where all members are respected, empowered, and valued – we’ve partnered up with Halton Black Voices. We believe that the more diverse we are, the more power we have.

Halton Black Voices is a grassroots collective intended to help bring youth, families, and individuals together. Their purpose is to create a safe space in the Halton region for all Black people, including the 2SLGBTQQIA community, where we all can establish new connections. They aim to build stronger communities by connecting with allies like us, raising awareness, educating, and empowering Black community members of all ages.

Halton Black Voices invites students to join their upcoming FREE Anti-Racism Literacy Program (Grade 3-12) with options to attend after school throughout the month of June, or during one of the first two weeks of July. Depending on enrollment, they plan to offer in-person and online options. Read more about the program at the end of this blog. Register here.

At DTBY, our mission is to help young individuals and their families from all backgrounds to achieve their full and utmost potential! We are always committed to doing our part to help bridge the gap between differences and allow youth to work together to foster a diverse and inclusive environment. We thank Halton Black Voices for becoming a part of our purpose movement and teaming up with us to spark positive change. We’re so grateful for this new connection!

Visit haltonblackvoices.ca to learn more about Halton Black Voices. Stay tuned for more information to come about this exciting new partnership!

From Halton Black Voices:

“Going back to normal was never the solution. Rather, we must take this moment to rethink and recreate a society that is rooted in love and community. Without deep love for our people and profound commitment to our liberation, the call for unity and solidarity is performative.” – Gennile Thomas, Founder of The Halton Black Voices

The HBV Anti Racism Literacy Program is intended to address barriers in the classroom and at school among Black and students of colour. We acknowledge and support that diversity, equity, and justice are more important now than ever—and that our learning can never start too early. But how do you approach an anti-racist education? Our literacy program is centered on the belief that one way is through age-appropriate Black literature and storytelling. Students interact with books and create meaning in a way that educates, informs, and affirm student identity. By creating lessons that center the voices and stories of the global majority, we are implicitly teaching the values of equity, inclusion, and diversity and demonstrating their importance in both name and practices. Non-Black students have an unique opportunity to learn how to advocate and support their non-white friends in a meaningful and authentic way. Through purposefully curated books that centre and amplify Black students and the multiculturalism that makes up Canadian identity students are better equipped to understand the critical importance of creating and sustaining an atmosphere of kindness, compassion, and empathy all inherent pieces that will work to foster anti-racist education.