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SB Partners, thank you for being a part of the change

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SB Partners, thank you for being a part of the change

What would the world be like if everyone in our community chose courage over fear, empathy over ignorance or purpose over profit? This is the question that empowers the Dare to be Youth Charity’s one and only mission: to change the world through bold, authentic, and resilient young leaders.

DTBY was established in 2012 by CEO and Founder, Shannon Tobin. Tobin is a goal driven and purpose-lead mentor that truly believes in the word community. Her own experiences and hardships ignited her passion for resilient change amongst herself and others, which was ultimately ‘why’ she created the DTBY Charity. Shannon saw the need for program lead support for youth, and she responded. She saw the need for hope, so she inspired! Tobin founded DTBY to help young individuals and their families achieve their full and utmost potential!

DTBY is always ready and willing to make a difference in the world, and because of the financial generosity of our community, they have been able to do so. We thank SB Partners for being a part of our purpose movement and for standing behind cultivating positive change! It is because of the SB Partners family, that DTBY could bring Youth Inspire Community Day to life, and support young individuals in Halton, Hamilton, and beyond. We’re so grateful for our partnership and are so excited for our positive journey to continue in 2022! Click here to learn more about how our partnership led to success at Youth Inspire Community Day.