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The Power Of DTBY

My name is Rachel Shadid, I am 19 years old and I am currently the student ambassador for the Dare to be Youth Charity in Burlington, Ontario. I have been a part of the DTBY family for over a year now, in which my role has presented me with so many incredible opportunities. I feel so humbled and honored to stand up here tonight to not only speak on behalf of this incredible organization, but to hopefully leave you all feeling motivated, inspired, and believed in.

On that note, I have composed a poem for you all, that I will begin to share with you…now!

Here it goes.

It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way forever. You can’t change the world overnight, but we are weaker alone than we are together.

Youth my age are so caught up in the “what’s going wrong” listening to disturbing songs, watching the world NOT GET ALONG.

Witnessing fights in the street, not feeling safe with the people they meet, it’s like an endless cycle of destruction… repeat. Because yes, youth have anxiety, in this corrupted society, made up of likes, follows and visual diaries. It doesn’t matter how you feel, rather it’s if you appeal. You’re not asked if you’re depressed, but only rated on “best dressed.” You feel deprived because you’re not given the tools to thrive “oh how can this world just expect me to survive?”

So how can we take action, in a world of unprediction? In a world that seems so far away from what we want to call a “better today”

My answer to this question would have to start with ME, then moving forward to WE, following the COMMUNITY. Organizations like Dare to Be You, give us a clue on what we are MEANT to do. Encouraging youth to be proud of who they are on the surface, and then diving down deep to inspire purpose. Using workshops to help answer the question of what do you need, in order to succeed, in this world that seems to often mislead. Are you doing okay? How was your day? Remember you’re allowed to set boundaries and say no way. I appreciate you. I appreciate you. Don’t worry, I will help you during those times you feel blue. This is the support that the Dare To Be Youth Charity Program brings.It lifts us up and gives us wings. Wings to fly, up in the sky, screaming out a voice of a better world for you and I. Together we can thrive, instead of survive, we CAN become a part of something that makes us feel alive.

I had a dream last night that inspired this write, and I felt that this poem was the best way to recite. My dream was of the mentees and mentors of today, paving a way for those who are not okay. Standing together, no matter the weather, rain or shine, that’s fine, our bridge will carry those who seek it , on an upward incline.

The Dare to be youth Charity is why I am standing here tonight, why I’m alright and why I am fighting this fight.

It is okay to be unsure of what you want, how you’re feeling or who you want to be. But Dare to Be you can help, so sign up, It’s free!!

PURPOSE is our fuel and I think It’s a pretty cool tool. A tool to help fix our breaks but inspire mistakes. Because mistakes, as you know, are how we grow, how we get into a flow, and eventually glow.

Tonight you heard my voice, speak about how I made a choice to not only succeed but to thoroughly rejoice.

This poem was for all of you who may not be doing okay, but just know in your heart it won’t be forever this way.

Because trust me, YOU are exactly who you are meant to be, that I guarantee will soon find inner peace.

Hopefully you felt inspired by these words that came from me, and maybe even inspired enough to join my family: the Dare to Be youth Charity.

Thank you so much for having me here tonight. God bless you all! Take care.