2021/2022 – 2 years of incredible growth for DTBY

In 2020, in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic, DTBY reimagined its mission as a movement dedicated to empowering high school students and young people in Halton, Hamilton, and beyond. This started with the launch of the Surviving to Thriving Workshop, which equipped youth with the skills to build their confidence, self-esteem, and mental well-being.

DTBY has helped me grow as both an individual and a member of the community. Through its Leader Within Workshop, I am constantly inspired to create change with like-minded leaders in the community. I am looking forward to having fruitful discussions with members of the CYC and propelling the future leaders of our community.
– Leader Within Participant
It was a wonderful experience participating in the event! I would undeniably recommend it to all youth, as inspiration from peers and successful individuals can hint at all the possibilities there are for you to absolutely excel in your own space.
– YICD Participant
I LOVED Youth Inspire Community Day as it taught me so much about resilience and community, and how we can create a safe space within our own communities. I wish everybody could hear what the speakers had to say, because I learned a lot and the whole event was very insightful!
– YICD Participant
DTBY has given me a platform, a voice that I am able to utilize to advocate for youth within my community. I have met an abundance of leaders like myself who have sparked a sense of light in my life.
– CYC Member and Peer Mentor
I’m part of DTBY because it gives me the opportunity to meet amazing people and to be a part of something that will help me grow as a person and develop skills that will help me in the future.
– Leader Within Participant
Youth inspire community day had a big impact on how I think when overcoming obstacles. Before, I though that it’s better to leave things alone rather than to overcome difficulties. Now, I know that it’s worth it to keep pushing through setbacks because it can get you to a better place than before.
– Youth Inspire Community Day Participant
Change is something that takes time yet is fast approaching. All of us youth need to participate to be the change we want to see today.
– Faith S
My biggest takeaways is to always be inclusive and accepting of everyone and their beliefs and identities.
– Lara K
My biggest takeaway would be to not give up and keep on trying in whatever way we can.
– Fatima A
My biggest take away was that you need to find your own personal brand to inspire yourself and know what you want to fight for.
– Sarah J
My biggest takeaway from the event is that it’s never too late to start. Like one of the speakers said, “Youth is the leader of today”, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be tomorrow, next year, or the next two years. We can always start making change and inspiring others in our community right now.
– Ellis K
My power and responsibility as a student in the GTA community to be able to connect with other youth and use my skills and passions as well as the many opportunities and charities available for us to make positive change. If we make a conscious effort to working for the things that matter to us, finding like-minded people and taking action, we can make a change! We are very fortunate that we live in a community where student voice is valued and youth have the power to make a difference if we put in the effort. This does not overwhelm me anymore, and I feel newly inspired!
– Ashiya D
Unity in the community is crucial in order for change to occur. If people aren’t unified, then nothing will get done because everyone has different ideas.
– Sam C.
That coming together is essential to create change in our communities and that we need each other to thrive.
– Zyva J
I have the power to make a change in systemic racism no matter my age.
– Julia F
Everyone deserves to be treated equally and anyone can make a change in our community.
– Karthik S
Youth have a much bigger impact on the community than we think, and our actions can make big changes.
– Helen H
My biggest takeaway is that I can do more for my community then I thought. Especially after hearing everyone’s stories, hardships and accomplishments I feel educated, and have a newfound spark and will to put my foot in the door that this event created.
– Elise F
Action is much more powerful than opinion. I should lead by example if I want to see results. Lastly, I should never be ashamed to pursue what I am passionate about.
– Agamya K
Even if it’s small, to take action in any way I can.
– Alice K
I must persevere through challenges in life.
– Angad J
Everyone has to start somewhere. it’s consistency and passion that make a difference.
– Rita S
Being a leader requires taking action and being courageous. This quote will stick with me for some time.
– Pres A
The importance of resilience and how to create a community where everyone feels safe, despite the difficulties that you may have to face
– Shiza S
That youths and students are going to lead humanity one day and we must understand and celebrate our differences and lives to unite.
– Samuel B
Motivation and inspiration are such important factors for success. Sometimes all it takes to make a difference is to utilize that driving force or agenda you have that can oftentimes even be the voice of others. In addition to this, trusting the process and making a true effort are all crucial in the equation, this also ties to patience and believing in the plan. It is important to note that success will practically never materialize on the very first try, and that failure signifies a success story in the making.
– Yousef A J
Love your community and if you want something to be done, do something about it.
– Nathan B
People of all ages can make change if they want to.
– B Bresnahan
My biggest takeaway from attending this event, was that no matter who you are or where you started out, we all have the power to do something good and give back to the community.
– Riddhi K
I always understood the importance of unity in general, but the event helped me understand its importance more in depth. The event helped me realise that if I wanted something to happen in my community, I have to be the one initiating it. No one is going to do it for me, so if I want to create change, I’ll create it. This doesn’t apply to just communities, it could apply for pretty much anything.
– Ayame T
Youth Inspire Community Day has inspired me to take leadership and help out my community members. I may be too young to start a business now, but I can slowly grow my resilience and motivation so that I can accomplish these larger goals in the near future.
– Sam
Youth inspire community day had a big impact on how I think when overcoming obstacles. Before, I though that it’s better to leave things alone rather than to overcome difficulties. Now, I know that it’s worth it to keep pushing through setbacks because it can get you to a better place than before.
– Zyva
Youth Inspire Community Day enhanced my self confidence and determination towards my goals in life!
– Hadil
The Youth Inspire Community Day really opened my eyes to the future me. I learned so much and gained such useful knowledge about my life and myself. I am so inspired after this event and I know I will use this information in the future!
– Manya
Youth Inspire Community Day is an opportunity for students to work towards a common goal – strengthening leadership skills, as well as applying resilience to everyday life. This is taught through the real life experiences of guest speakers, activities, and discussions among peers. This day impacts and resonates with the students positively, having learned about failure, ownership, and change. This day inspires those to achieve great things, and to always keep striving.
– Inaaya
There are just those moments when you heard something and is suddenly inspired and everything makes sense! This is what you get out of DTBY!
– Tongyan
I feel inspired to get more involved, and less anxious about choosing a path for the future, with the wisdom that it’s not set in stone. Many of the things talked about are not new concepts, but most of us don’t really understand them (even though we think we do). Sometimes you need to hear it from someone who has been there and done that, and made it out glowing; listen to real people give real examples of how sayings like “do what you love and the money will follow” actually manifest in people’s lives.
– Paulina
I don’t usually like participating in events about inspiration as they seem repetitive, but DTBY was so valuable that even my parents started watching with me 1/2 way. The passion the speakers had about their messages was phenomenal, and I feel safe knowing that I’m not the only one who feels empty at times.
– Irma
Youth Inspire Community Day is an opportunity I am so glad I found out about. The stories I heard were so interesting and inspiring. I also got to learn so many new things about just life in general.
– Yousir
Youth Inspire Community Day helped me realize the true meaning of resiliency and staying true to oneself. Life isn’t about trying to please other people or constantly compare yourself to others. Life is about learning to help yourself improve and working with your interests to make a change! 🙂
– Elise
I think this was a very inspiring event. Everything was so well planned out and the selection of speakers they had was incredible. Despite being virtual it was still very engaging and fun. I would join something like this again!
– Bianca
Youth Inspire Community Day helps us understand that there are people out there who have been through some of the same things as us and didn’t give up. Some changed themselves while others tried harder to become better. The event helped me connect to the speakers and feel motivated to try my best and and persevere.
– Fatima
Youth inspire day is so beneficial for the youth and I wish everyone got the opportunity to participate. I’ve learned a lot from the event and will definitely be putting some of the information to use.
– Danjay
From attending this, I’ve learned that so much is being done to support our youth and I’m truly grateful for that. Not just form personal experience but first hand seeing its impact on others and I’m so happy its for the better. Its helping give youth a better chance and understanding as well as promoting resilience, leadership and growth!
– Andrea
The impacts of Youth Inspire Community Day are astounding. I don’t think many people realize how reassuring it can be to have people talk about their struggles and how they overcame them. I didn’t know how helpful this event would be until I joined. I was immediately engaged by all the excited vibes and energy I could feel from the speakers! My heart goes out to everyone who participated and made the event happen, they are all truly wonderful people. This event impacted me in such a positive way that I’ll be thinking about this for the rest of tonight, tomorrow, and I’ll take it with me for the rest of time. I believe I am a more resilient person and I will try to apply these lessons to my life starting RIGHT NOW.
– Zara
Youth inspire community day had a big impact on how I think when overcoming obstacles. Before, I though that it’s better to leave things alone rather than to overcome difficulties. Now, I know that it’s worth it to keep pushing through setbacks because it can get you to a better place than before.
– Zyva