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Dare to be Youth Charity (DTBY) supports leadership development opportunities and initiatives that build, empower, and inspire transformation and resilience in our students. Our long-term goal is to see businesses and people within our community continue to be engaged and contribute so that we can sustain giving in an even bigger way.

our Financial Resilience & Wellness Partner

We are happy to announce CI Assante Wealth Management as our official Financial Resilience and Wellness Partner.

Look for our upcoming Financial Literacy online course provided by CI Assante Wealth Management on our DTBY website in the fall of 2022!

Halton Black Voices

We will be donating $3/book to support the incredible work Halton Black Voices is doing for our Community Youth.

Without CommUNITY there is no Unity

Register for the Anti Racism Literacy Program

FREE anti racism Literacy program for HDSB students! Learn and read Black literature, taught by Black tutors in affinity spaces! All are welcome! Students learn how to be advocate for their friends at school. Offering after school, summer school and virtual programs!

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  • Carla Nell
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Youth Inspire Community Day helps us understand that there are people out there who have been through some of the same things as us and didn’t give up. Some changed themselves while others tried harder to become better. The event helped me connect to the speakers and feel motivated to try my best and and persevere.
Youth Inspire Community Day is an opportunity for students to work towards a common goal – strengthening leadership skills, as well as applying resilience to everyday life. This is taught through the real life experiences of guest speakers, activities, and discussions among peers. This day impacts and resonates with the students positively, having learned about failure, ownership, and change. This day inspires those to achieve great things, and to always…
There are just those moments when you heard something and is suddenly inspired and everything makes sense! This is what you get out of DTBY!

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