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Dare to be Youth Charity (DTBY) supports leadership development opportunities and initiatives that build, empower, and inspire transformation and resilience in our students. Our long-term goal is to see businesses and people within our community continue to be engaged and contribute so that we can sustain giving in an even bigger way.

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  • Carla Nell
  • Donald Belovich
  • Elizabeth Pillon
Youth Inspire Community Day is an opportunity I am so glad I found out about. The stories I heard were so interesting and inspiring. I also got to learn so many new things about just life in general.
Youth Inspire Community Day has inspired me to take leadership and help out my community members. I may be too young to start a business now, but I can slowly grow my resilience and motivation so that I can accomplish these larger goals in the near future.
I think Youth Inspire Community Day is a great way to build resilience. The event taught me a lot about confidence. It was inspiring listening to all the guest speakers and learning about their lives and resiliency stories. This event is a great way for youth to learn, experience, and build confidence.

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