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Dare to be Youth Charity (DTBY) supports leadership development opportunities and initiatives that build, empower, and inspire transformation and resilience in our students. Our long-term goal is to see businesses and people within our community continue to be engaged and contribute so that we can sustain giving in an even bigger way.

our Youth Inspire Series Partner

We are happy to announce RBC as our official Youth Inspire Series Partner.

Look for our upcoming program offerings in early 2023.

our Financial Resilience & Wellness Partner

We are happy to announce CI Assante Wealth Management as our official Financial Resilience and Wellness Partner.

Our ​​Online learning platform partner

A grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation enabled DTBY to implement the technology to offer a series of online courses and programs to youth across Ontario. This Enhance Your Finance course is just the beginning, and we are excited to use this as a launchpad for several more programs for youth in the near future.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Partner

As a part of our ongoing partnership with Mending the Chasm, we continue our work to build our team’s muscle and practice to be a more inclusive and equitable organization, and exploring ways that we can continue to support youth in our community.

NFP commUNITY partners

DTBY is committed to working with community partners to reach students from underrepresented populations, and we have adapted our programming to focus on the needs of these populations.

thank you to our 2022 change partners

DTBY 2022 in kind sponsors

a special thanks to our private donors

  • Carolyn and Tony Hidalgo & Family
  • Donald Belovich
Youth Inspire Community Day is an opportunity for students to work towards a common goal – strengthening leadership skills, as well as applying resilience to everyday life. This is taught through the real life experiences of guest speakers, activities, and discussions among peers. This day impacts and resonates with the students positively, having learned about failure, ownership, and change. This day inspires those to achieve great things, and to always…
I feel inspired to get more involved, and less anxious about choosing a path for the future, with the wisdom that it’s not set in stone. Many of the things talked about are not new concepts, but most of us don’t really understand them (even though we think we do). Sometimes you need to hear it from someone who has been there and done that, and made it out glowing;…
Youth Inspire Community Day has inspired me to take leadership and help out my community members. I may be too young to start a business now, but I can slowly grow my resilience and motivation so that I can accomplish these larger goals in the near future.

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