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Based on the philosophy of ME, WE, COMMUNITY, dtby offers a series of programs to help youth & young adults 14-24 year olds Build Important Life Skills, Develop Healthy relationships, and Connect with their communities. We believe that community is the key component to thriving and wellness, and our programs just that… they build, they develop, and they connect young people.

Our suite of impactful programs to empower and support young people as they begin to transition from high school to career.

Better mental well being outcomes mean stronger futures and resiliency skills for the young people involved and meaningful community development. When they grow and become better, they DO better and then go on to inspire and mentor others to do the same.

Our programs provide opportunities for exponential growth for 14-24 year old’s in building their skills, resilience, and mental well-being.

They’re resilient, but they’ll need supports as they close one season of their life out for the next.

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join the movement and find a program that’s right for you


Community Youth Council (CYC) for youth inspire program participants

Those in grade 11 and beyond will be invited to join the CYC, providing them with further opportunity to take a leadership role and drive change.

financial wellness & resilience series

This series focuses on helping youth get set up for a life of financial wellness, and on how to be resilient during financial challenges.

student volunteer initiatives

An opportunity for highschool students to participate and engage in meaningful community service initiatives, paying forward the action of giving back.

peer networking and community engagement

Are you part of a youth leadership group? Join our peer-to-peer network to engage with our CYC and build community with an inspiring network of peers.

spotlight project 2022

Participants of the 2021 Youth Inspire Community Day will be invited to apply to be featured in the book.

annual youth inspire community day

This a virtual event for students in grades 9-12, and is an opportunity to celebrate the resilience of youth, and assist them in continuing to develop important life skills.

Everyday mindfulness

Thank you Miranda Ayim, our youth group mentor, for sharing this great resource.

The Power Of Habits

Thank you Miranda Ayim, our youth group mentor, for sharing this great resource.

mental health & wellness resources

rock crisis line

Phyisical distancing doesn’t mean you are alone. If you are in crisis and you are a youth between the ages of 0-18 (or a caregiver of), know that ROCK is here to listen and offer help. Give us a call to be connected for support.

Halton District School Board mental health & well-being supports for parents/guardians and students

This year, because of the presence and impact of COVID-19 and racial injustice, our individual and collective mental health is being challenged. Stress, worry, anger and anxious feelings are understandable and a way for us to adapt to these stressful situations.​​

COVID-19 mental health resources toolkit

For many, the pressure and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a serious toll. The Burlington Chamber of Commerce along with their Health & Wellness Committee have created the Mental Health Toolkit (link above) to equip their members and the broader business community with insights, tools and resources.


The Halton Youth Initiative was a project of the Our Kids Network serving the communities of North Oakville, Acton, Aldershot, and Milton. The youth volunteers want to encourage others to give land acknowledgments a try and to be genuine with it! All sorts of resources are available on their webpage, including a How to Write a Land Acknowledgment Guide PDF, how-to and historical storytime videos, and resources including maps and pronunciation guides, all to help you write a land acknowledgment.

Additional Indigenous Literacy resources can be found on the Our Kids Network website.


We do not provide mental health advice, counselling or treatment. If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 911 or go tot he nearest emergency department. You can also reach out to

Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868