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2023/2024 community youth council (cyc)


community youth council

Alexa Bio

Hello! My name is Alexa and I am so excited to be apart of the DTBY team again this year! I will be entering my third year at McMaster University studying Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law. In my free time I love to run, swim, and strength train while also enjoying reading and writing! I have chosen to volunteer with DTBY because I am passionate about building relationships with like minded individuals who strive to make a positive impact. I want to play an active role within my community as a leader by helping to facilitate events and engage in discussions about the future of youth development.


community youth council

Kassia Bio

Hey! My name is Kassia, and I am thrilled to be returning to the CYC for my fourth year! Volunteering with DTBY has allowed me to meet so many amazing youths who share my passion for giving back to other youth within our community. I believe everyone is a leader and when given the opportunity to grow, I have seen so many people thrive which is truly inspiring!

Currently, I am studying Science specializing in Biochemistry and Genetics at Western University and I hope to have a future career in medicine whether that be as a nurse, paramedic, or doctor. When I am not studying, I enjoy spending time with my three younger siblings and my dog, going on adventures with my friends or baking – I’d love to hear about your favourite recipes!


community youth council

Arham Bio

Hey! My name is Arham. I am a first-year student at McMaster University, studying Integrated Science (specializing in Biology). I have been a part of DTBY’s CYC for two years and am now entering my third year with the organization. I enjoy their work for the Halton community, specifically the youth, so I love to help out when I can.


community youth council

Rachel Bio

Hi, I’m Rachel! My pronouns are she/her and I am a proud IB student at Burlington Central High School. In my free time you can find me going on bike rides, cuddling my dog, listening to music, or studying. DTBY is AMAZING because it gives youth the opportunity to shine and enhance their leadership skills, but the community building opportunities and the great people, is what keeps me coming back each year. This is going to be my 3rd/4th year volunteering with DTBY and I am so excited to see what the year has in store for us!


community youth council

Grace Bio

My name is Grace. I am 17 years old and I’m in the 11th grade. I’ve chosen to return to DTBY because of the impact and the amazing mentorship they’ve offered.


community youth council

Ayesha Bio

Hi there, I’m Ayesha, proud to be entering my third impactful year with DTBY! I am currently in my third year of high school, with a great passion for behavioural science and research. DTBY has given me so many different opportunities and unique experiences and I hope to share these with other youth in my community.
I am also a very passionate mental health advocate and have led multiple initiatives to raise awareness among youth and conducted research projects addressing social issues. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to broaden my horizons, expand my interests, and meet with inspiring individuals. In my spare time, you can find me absorbed in a book somewhere.


community youth council

Inshirah Bio

Hello! I’m Inshirah, a passionate Grade 10 student at Burlington Central High School, continuing my journey in the International Baccalaureate Program.

My linguistic repertoire spans Hindi, Urdu, and English, and I’m steadily enhancing my proficiency in French. Beyond academics, I enjoy nurturing my garden, exploring creative outlets, and actively participating in sports and group activities.

My enthusiasm for knowledge and action led me to DTBY, where I eagerly delve into understanding and leveraging insights for positive change. As a proud member of the CYC of 2023, I am honoured to collaborate with inspiring individuals, fostering a vision of impactful leadership for tomorrow.

Looking ahead, I am excited for the forthcoming adventures and opportunities that await, as I strive to inspire others and champion bold leadership initiatives.


community youth council

Fatima Bio

Hello! My name is Fatima, and I am a grade 12 student at Bishop P.F Reding Catholic Secondary School. I am passionate about dancing, singing, reading books and staying active. I can speak English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and a little bit of French; I am currently trying to learn Korean. I am honoured to be a part of the 2024 CYC and look forward to a great time with everyone. I wanted to volunteer with DTBY to help youth discover their interests and passions through the leadership opportunities we organize and most importantly be a part of a hardworking group of students. I look forward to a great year!


community youth council

Zyva Bio

I’m a grade 12 student in Milton, and I’m passionate about protecting the environment. I chose to volunteer with the community youth council because I love working with other strong and community-minded youth, and I believe that having a strong sense of community for youth is the key to a successful society.


community youth council

Zeeshan Bio

My name is Zeeshan and I’m a grade 12 student. With this being my final year of high school, I’m diving deep into learning, giving back to my community, and having fun. Whether it’s reading books, volunteering locally, or playing sports, I’m focusing on balancing academics, community service, and having fun.


community youth council

Josh Bio

Hello! I’m a recent post-undergrad student working full-time at Geotab in Product Management. I enjoy diving into a plethora of hobbies including music, games, and other physical activities. I’m excited to be part of a community with like-minded individuals who are reflecting on the role they can play in world and towards those around them.


community youth council

Karina Bio

I’m a Grade 11 Student from Milton, I am passionate about giving back to my community along with learning and growing from the people around me. Volunteering with DTBY is something I believe can really help teach and inspire the youth to come.


community youth council

Umar Bio

My name is Umar Hamza and I love playing soccer and swimming in my spare time. I decided to volunteer with DTBY because they are an amazing organization that focuses on youth perspectives in today’s world.


    community youth council

    Bareera Bio

    Hi! I’m Bareera Mirza, a Grade 9 student currently doing Pre-Ib in Ontario, Canada. I love to read books, write poetry and short stories and I am passionate about literature and most of the STEM fields. I grew up in Pakistan but moved to Canada in 2022 and have lived here since. Nice to meet you all!


    community youth council

    Suha Bio

    Hi, my name is suha, I am currently 16 years old. I love music, movies and baking for friends and family. I am so happy to be apart of CYC. I’m excited and honored to help contribute as well as help support cyc!


      community youth council

      Alex Bio

      Hi, I’m Alex! I’m incredibly excited to join DTBY and the CYC for the first time!
      I’m currently a Grade 11 High School Student from Burlington. I wanted to join DTBY and the CYC after I attended the 2023 Youth Inspire Community Day. I left the event energized and in awe of all of the opportunities that awaited me here at DTBY. I’ve now been given the chance to get involved in my community and make a meaningful impact!


        community youth council

        Sahiba Bio

        Hi! My name is Sahiba and I’m a part of the 2024 CYC! I am currently in 8th grade, moving into grade 9 in September. I love giving back to my community, which is why I joined the CYC! It’s my first year in the CYC, and I’m really excited for ways to help my community! I’m really looking forward to a wonderful year with everyone!!


          community youth council

          Suvi Bio

          Hi there, my name is Suvi! I’m extremely passionate about empowering youth and fostering community leadership. When I came across DTBY at the YICD 2023 event, I felt so inspired to dive deeper into what they do. I attended their Leader Within workshop and ever since, I’ve been eager to be part of the Community Youth Council. I’m committed to making a positive difference and becoming a leader in my own community. I’m very eager to join DTBY’s initiatives and make a real impact!


            community youth council

            Blake Bio

            Hello my name is Blake, and I am looking forward to becoming a successful leader and learning skills that can be helpful for future development.


              Youth Group Mentor

              Miranda Ayim

              youth group mentor

              Miranda Ayim Bio

              Miranda is a retired three-time Olympian in the sport of basketball and was flagbearer for Team Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremonies. She is also a certified performance & wellness coach, motivational speaker and podcaster.

              Quotes from Miranda
              “DTBY is an organization that just gets it. They go beyond the superficial support we often offer our youth, and instead, seek to empower them with skills and resources that help them grow into their best selves. They provide the platform for lessons and relationships that will last a lifetime and set them up for personal and professional success.”

              “One thing that sets DTBY apart is their emphasis on peer mentorship through the CYC. I first saw the council in action during Inspire Day 2021. They were engaged, thoughtful, prepared—even wise! I knew there was something special here. I look forward to supporting the amazing work they’ve done by sharing some of the skills, strategies and mindset shifts I’ve implemented throughout my Olympic career and beyond.”

              Community Youth Council

              The Community Youth Council (CYC) provides Youth Inspire Community Day participants with an opportunity to take on a leadership role and drive community change. In the spirit of “service-above-self”, the CYC gives young leaders an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, engage with a network of like-minded peers, to make a mark in their community, and to gain community service hours. Members of the Community Youth Council get the opportunity to take part in a unique small-group professional mentoring program facilitated by 3x Olympian Miranda Ayim. Through guided mentorship seminars, Miranda helps youth develop their resilience and essential life skills and move towards thriving.

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              CYC embraces the movement of purpose, authenticity, and most importantly peer mentorship. We are stronger together!

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