The Youth Inspire Financial Resilience & Wellness Project is designed to provide youth with quality educational programming to help them develop their financial literacy skills.

The first course in the series, Enhance Your Finance, is a five-part beginners course dedicated to helping youth develop their financial literacy skills, develop a financial plan, and ultimately experience life to the fullest!

In this course, our instructors walk youth through the process of setting financial goals, budgeting, managing your savings, investing, and preparing for taxes.

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our Financial Resilience & Wellness Partner

We are happy to announce CI Assante Wealth Management as our official Financial Resilience and Wellness Partner.

message from our Community youth Council (CYC)

Over the past few years, dtby has heard time and time again from our mentees that they are worried about the future. And this has only intensified, due to the COVID – pandemic, the rising costs of living, and conflict around the world.

Our young people need support and guidance more now than ever before.

Recognizing the diversity of the community we serve, and the systemic barriers faced by underserved communities in accessing social services, DTBY has a comprehensive plan built around the principle of “nothing for us, without us,” to ensure our programs are as inclusive and accessible as possible.

As we grow and expand dtby’s Financial Literacy program into 2024, we will be looking to partner with schools and organizations in the GTHA to bring the “Enhance your Finance” workshop directly to you.