The Youth Inspire Financial Resilience & Wellness Project is designed to provide youth with quality educational programming to help them develop their financial resiliency skills.

This program will provide youth with educational seminars to help them develop a holistic understanding of financial literacy, and how this intersects with their emotional resilience and wellness.

Despite being a vital aspect of one’s overall wellness, financial wellness is not typically included in traditional programming for youth, and thus, this project will fill an important gap.

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The Youth Inspire Financial Resilience & Wellness Project will launch in November, 2022. We will be in touch with you as more details become available about this exciting new opportunity.

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our Financial Resilience & Wellness Partner

We are happy to announce CI Assante Wealth Management as our official Financial Resilience and Wellness Partner.

Look for our upcoming Financial Literacy online course provided by CI Assante Wealth Management on our DTBY website in Nov 2022!