This is an opportunity for highschool students who attended the Youth Inspire Community Day to participate and engage in meaningful community service initiatives lead by the CYC.

Are you interested in gaining leadership experience, contributing to our fundraising efforts, helping us run inspiring events, or running your own fundraiser? Click the yellow “Contact us” button and we’ll be in touch to discuss our empowering volunteer opportunities

Host your own fundraising event in support of DTBY

A fundraiser is an opportunity to support DTBY and have a meaningful impact on young people in your community.

It’s not just about the money raised, but an opportunity to engage the community and raise awareness about the challenges faced by youth, and the important work DTBY is doing to be part of the solution. Do you have an idea on how you would like to support DTBY through an individual, school, or corporate fundraising initiative? Contact us to set up a call to discuss this further.

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