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2022/2023 community youth council (cyc)


community youth council


community youth council

Kassia Bio

Hi! My name is Kassia and I am the community liaison for DTBY!

I will be entering my third year at Western University in September 2023 studying Science with a focus in Biochemistry and Genetics. I have a passion for helping others and hope to pursue a future career in medicine. I started off as a participant in dtby’s programs in 2021. I wanted to further my leadership development and joined the Community Youth Council within my first year. Since then, I’ve transitioned into a student ambassador role and as of June 19th, I started my summer internship position as dtby’s community liaison. DTBY has given me so many different opportunities and I hope to share these with other youth in my community. When I am not learning something new, I enjoy hanging out with my three younger siblings, baking, and going for drives. I am super excited to see everything I learn from being in this position!

The future is held within the hands of today’s youth. We need to invest in them and give them the resources to develop their financial literacy and in turn their overall wellness will greatly increase.”


community youth council

Arham Bio

“Hey, my name is Arham. I’m currently 17 and a grade 12 student at Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School in Milton, ON. One of my favourite hobbies is basketball, as I watch and play the sport (my favourite team is the Golden State Warriors). CYC is a meaningful cause that works towards good and empowerment within our community, which is why I decided to join about a year ago. I hope to continue working towards the cause DTBY and CYC are working for through my role as a CYC member!”


community youth council

Ayaan Bio

Hello! My name is Ayaan and I am currently a senior at Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School. I speak English, Gujarati, and a bit of Hindi. My favourite hobbies include watching shows, playing PS4, and playing sports whenever I get the chance. I also like to join clubs relating to healthcare such as MedSci and HOSA.

As the new year begins, and we welcome new CYC members, I am very excited to learn and advocate for change alongside my CYC members. I hope to use my experience with the CYC from the past year and help new members feel welcome and inspired. Wishing for a great upcoming year!


community youth council


community youth council


community youth council


community youth council


    community youth council


      community youth council

      Grace Bio

      Hi my name is Grace, I’m currently in the 10th grade at Bishop Tonnos Secondary school.
      I speak fluently French and English. My hobbies are creating vision boards, reading and running track.
      I enjoy volunteering and motivating others.

      As the spring rolls around I’m very excited and honoured to be a part of the 2023 CYC council! I look forward to adding new exciting elements as well as learning valuable skills and making new friendships. I also hope that the youth of today are inspired to take a lead as well! Hoping for an awesome year and more to come:)


      community youth council

      Ellis Bio

      Hello! My name is Ellis, and I am currently a freshman at Iroquois Ridge High School.
      I speak English, French, Mandarin, and Korean; I am always open to learning new languages. My favourite pastimes consist of creating and listening to music, drinking bubble tea, as well as advocating for others, which was how I got the chance to become affiliated with Dare To Be Youth.
      As the new year commences, I am incredibly honoured to act as a part of the 2023 CYC. By working alongside our inspiring members, I look forward to aiding in providing enriching leadership opportunities to youth — so that they, too, are given the chance to make a mark in their respective communities. Hoping for a great term and many more to come .


      community youth council

      Alice Bio

      Hello! My name is Alice Okpere and I am a senior student at St. Thomas More Catholic secondary school. Although I can only speak English, I utilize it to its maximum potential. I love reading, wrestling, and fashion. I’m part of my schools diversity committee, as well as uKnighted Against Racism, a school group dedicated to bringing awareness and fairness to the black community. I’m incredibly passionate about equality, which is why Dare To Be Youth was a perfect match for me to stand up and support others. Since then, I’ve gratefully accepted to join CYC 2023 to be able to work alongside such amazing individuals. Being student trustee and my school’s vice president has given me plenty of experience being a leader and working with all types of people, and I hope to use that experience for good – to supply youth with necessary opportunities so they too can make a positive difference and spread awareness in their communities. Hoping to be an exemplary partner and to enhance CYCs 2023 term!


      community youth council

      Ayesha Bio

      Hi! My name is Ayesha, and I am a sophomore at Craig Kielburger Secondary School. I love to read, write and journal in my free time. Every so often, I enjoy graphic designing, cooking (though I am not very good at it haha) and baking. I’m extremely honoured to be a part of Dare To Be Youth’s Community Youth Council! I really enjoyed Youth Inspire Community Day 2022 and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the amazing people who made it happen! I look forward to working with our outstanding members to provide and impact other youth, like me, with the chance to make a difference in their communities. Wishing for a great term at CYC and many more to come!


      community youth council

      Inshirah Bio

      Hello! My name is Inshirah, I am a grade 9 student at Burlington Central High School enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program.
      I speak various languages including Hindi, Urdu, English, and a bit of French. My hobbies include gardening, creating, playing sports and leading group activities. What led me to DTBY is my passion to learn and discover how to use that knowledge and take action.
      I am happy and honoured to be a part of the CYC of 2023. I believe I will see positive change by joining this influencing movement and its great people. In the future, I hope to inspire others to be bold leaders of tomorrow. I’m eagerly anticipating more adventurous years to come!


      community youth council

      Fatima Bio

      Hello! My name is Fatima, and I am a grade 11 student at Bishop P.F Reding Catholic Secondary School. Some of my hobbies include dancing, singing, playing sports and reading books. I can speak English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and a little bit of French; I am currently trying to learn Korean.
      I am honoured to be a part of the 2023 CYC and look forward to a great time with everyone. In the future, with this council I hope to help others and introduce them to some fun leadership opportunities such as Dare To Be Youth. Look forward to a great year!


      community youth council

      Zyva Bio

      My name is Zyva and I am an 11th grade student at Milton District High School. My hobbies are reading, bicycling, and beading. I love learning science, history and geography! I joined the CYC because it is a great opportunity for me to enhance my leadership skills and engage with my community and my peers.


      community youth council

      Zeeshan Bio

      Hi, my name is Zeeshan and I am a Grade 11 ISTEM student at Aldershot High school. I’m interested in expanding my knowledge within communities and deepening my understanding of community relations. I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself to grow my character and knowledge as an individual. As a result, I have recently joined the organization, CYC, which has ignited my ambitions. Furthermore, I love to be in environments that push my limits and develop my skill sets. I am excited to learn and grow with the amazing people I will meet and am looking forward to what the future holds with this community.