what would the world be like if we all chose to make our mark?

Would it be a world where we lived out our true calling and passion with absolute freedom? Where we rose above self-doubt and fears in the pursuit of realizing who we are and how we want to show up in the world? Where we chose to unapologetically believe in ourselves and awaken our potential?

The first step towards attaining such a world is to “dare to be YOU.” The Dare to be Youth Charity (DTBY) is a movement dedicated to empowering high school students and young people (14-24) in the Halton/Hamilton region, and beyond. It’s a platform to unlock their potential and empower them to make their mark and achieve the life they genuinely want to live.

Shannon Tobinfounder & ceo

DTBY is dedicated to supporting young people (14-24)

we inspire

We inspire highschool students and grads to build and grow a healthy foundation of resilience. To navigate through life’s noise and challenges, and create to a community of future leaders who motivate positive change.

we mentor

We mentor individuals on how to develop their mental wellness, resilience and confidence through educational programming, peer to peer support and workshops offered throughout the organization.

we build

We build community engagement through various volunteer and leadership opportunities. When youth grow and become better, they DO better and then go on to inspire and mentor others to do the same.
who we are

operations team

Shannon Tobin

founder & ceo

Drew Simon

director of development

Drew Simon Bio

Drew joined DTBY in 2021 as the Director of Development, with the goal of helping DTBY grow its programs and impact in the community. Drew brings over ten years of leadership experience in the non-profit and higher education sectors. Drew holds a Master of Education Degree from Brock University, and a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University. He has served as a Senior Leader, Director, and Advisor for multiple non-profit and charitable organizations, and has helped charities working all over the world secure millions of dollars in funding to support their charitable efforts.

Anthony Busija

cpa / finance

Anthony Busija Bio

Anthony is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), with over 20 years of experience working with various corporations and organizations, both big and small. He started nuAGE cpa, to put a different spin on the world of accounting. Anthony’s Firm is committed to leveraging the latest technology to help organizations simplify their processes so they can truly understand their ‘numbers’. He has also spent the last two decades working alongside other various non-profit and charitable organizations, helping them thrive and surpass their goals. Whether as a member of a Board, or by directly supporting a client, Anthony has a passion for helping organizations understand the needs of the community, and applying his skill set to help support those needs.

When not ushering his threes kids around or beating them in sports and video games, Anthony enjoys travelling, music and a little bit of golf.

alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Thank you to our incredible 2020/2021 volunteers. It takes a community to create massive change, and we couldn’t do what we do without you. Mentorship and volunteer initiatives play a vital role in helping young adults develop mental wellness, resiliency and confidence.

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board of directors

Carolyn Swora


Carolyne Rashford

board member

    Karl Wulf

    board member

    Christian Mukendi

    board member
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      Bob Parker

      founding trustee

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